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Murphy Auto Museum Road Trip

Last week was a wonderful Southern California day and it was also our first multi make Cruise featuring Hot Rods, Imports and European. The route? About 50 gorgeous miles of beach view up the Pacific Coast Highway – from Santa Monica, to Malibu and ending at the amazing Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard.

When we got to the museum we were greeted by Bob and David - both really friendly and knowledgeable guys who were gracious enough to give us a quick tour.

The Murphy Auto Museum was founded in 2000 by retired Ventura, CA neurosurgeon, Dr. Daniel Murphy. Originally the Museum was a place to house his large Packard collection. Soon, others inquired about keeping their cars with his and the Museum was born. In 2005, it was moved into its present 18,000 square foot facility location in Oxnard.

Thanks to the assistance of Holley Gene Leffler, the museum now has an extensive vintage clothing display representing all decades from the 1890s to the 1970s.

In 2014, the museum’s ownership and administration was transferred to Ventura County business owner and car enthusiast, David Neel. His love of automobiles and his commitment to the Museum’s mission statement will ensure its existence into perpetuity.

They are also home to one of the largest H/O scale train layouts, with many scale miles of track. Enjoy watching passenger and freight trains as they wind their way through cities, towns and the countryside.

The Murphy Auto Museum is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am- 4 pm to serve locals and tourists. Arrangements can be made at any time for private parties and tours for automotive clubs, assisted living centers, and school groups.

1930 Eastman Oxnard, Ca. 93030

(805) 487-4333

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